Been Reading Issue 21

I’ve owned three second-gen Camaros in my life, would definitely like to own another (when my six numbers come up) and always thought I knew quite a lot about them. It turns out I knew practically nothing, and half of what I did “know” was wrong…

This book is one of those rare titles that manage to combine a whole load of anorak-wearing, OCD-suffering facts and figures into a readable, almost entertaining format. It lists all the features of Chevy’s ever popular second-gen, what changes were made throughout the years, options, details, trim, which parts interchange with other models and which don’t, how to spot a fake Z28, the whole nine yards, and all accompanied by plenty of nice, clear photographs.

If the Camaro is your choice of steed, this will be a book well worth owning, even though it’s aimed more at restorers than modifiers. And it is a good book to just sit and read, though I wouldn’t try reading it out loud to your non-Camaro-fanatic partner for fear that you’ll cop a high-speed household item to the side of the head after five minutes, or that you’ll look up to find them packing their bags… unless that was the intended result.

The Definitive Camaro Guide, 1970-1981, by Jason Scott, is published in hardback by CarTech with a RRP of £34.99.