Been Reading Issue 9

This Month, I Have Mostly Been Reading…

Air suspension is big news on all sorts of car scenes at the moment, and it’s easy to see why – its way simpler and usually a lot cheaper than hydraulics, and many of the components required can be picked up from eBay or the scrapyard. This book is well timed, and should help anyone thinking of going down that path.

The author seems to understand what’s required; he doesn’t just say, “Buy a universal kit from China and hope for the best.” He pitches it well, assuming a degree of understanding on the part of the reader, without assuming that we all have a Masters in pneumatics and fluid dynamics from Oxford.

There are chapters on motion ratios and natural frequencies, which are fairly easy to comprehend (though you may have to read it at least twice, as I did) if you have some patience.

It couldn’t possibly hope to be a step-by-step guide, because each car is different and each owner working to a different budget, but he does try to cover everything from the bargain-bin install to the top end. It’s more of a guide to what questions you should be asking, what measurements you should be making, and how to pick the equipment that’s most likely to get you to where you planned to be.

It’s a good, informative read, well illustrated and with some simple diagrams and some less-than-simple graphs. If you have a clue already, this title will help you along nicely. For me, though, I found it didn’t quite answer all of my questions and, in some cases, generated even more questions… though I couldn’t tell you exactly why.

Maybe I just need to read it again. It has left me thinking that the old U1K Lexus would look bloody good on air suspension, though…
Custom Air Suspension, by Julian Edgar, is published in softback by Veloce ( with a RRP of £19.99.

This Month, I Have NOT Been Reading…

I’ve just been sent a new title: Harley-Davidson EVO Hop-Up and Rebuild Manual, by Chris Maida. It’s out now, published by Wolfgang Publications in softback, with a RRP of £25.99. However, Harley V-twins are a little outside our remit here at Street Machine. So I haven’t read it. Instead, I donated to Andy, the editor of American V magazine, because it’s bang in his remit. If American motorbikes are your thing, you could do worse than check out