Been Reading Issue 3

This Month, I Have Mostly Been Reading …

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of the hot rod royalty still among us today, so we need to get all the history down in print now, before it’s too late. One such guy is Ed Iskenderian, the Camfather, a guy who grew up right in amongst the young California hot rod scene and spent his whole life helping himself and others in the pursuit of speed, over a quarter mile or a whole dry lake.

Fortunately, Matt Stone has committed the whole of his life to print in this title, Isky – Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding… and yes, they are intrinsically linked. From his iconic little track T to today, where the guy who is approaching the colonial equivalent of his telegram from the Queen still rocks up to the So-Cal factory with his name above the door pretty much every day.

This is a tremendous, inspirational and easy-reading story about a genuine hot rod hero, a guy who has been there and done that in a way that the hot rod hardcore over here can only dream about. It doesn’t delve deep into cam technology; this is just the story of the man himself, and it does that admirably. Naturally it’s jam packed with evocative photographs from back in the day, plus plenty of colour from more recent years, including reprints of some of his catalogues. A book worthy of the man himself, written by Matt Stone and published by CarTech in hardback at £34.99.