Been Reading Issue 1

This month

I have mostly been reading…

This book was released last year to capitalise on the Charger’s 50th birthday. Yes, I’m a little way behind, but I’m years behind on my project cars so six months on a book is neither here nor there. It’s a big, thick hardback that has a hell of a story to tell, but does so very oddly. You’d expect there to be a chapter or two of pre-amble about Chrysler’s build-up to the Charger and the B-body muscle that followed; here, you’re halfway through the book before the Charger gets mentioned. Couple that with the last 10% of the book being about the 21st century Chargers, and the actual prime late Sixties/early Seventies muscle cars don’t actually fill that much of their own book.

That’s not to say that it isn’t worth reading; far from it. It’s all about Mopar muscle, so what’s not to like? There’s plenty about the Hemi, plenty about Stock and A/ FX drag racing, and reams of beautiful photos scattered with little regard to chronological order (or sense) throughout. The author is James Manning Michels, it’s published by Motorbooks and the UK RRP is £35.