Been Rading Issue 26

The Mustang II has always been the poor relation in the Mustang family. Even now, more than 40 years after the last one was built, aside from a handful of hardcore enthusiasts, they’re still the butt of the joke. It’s a shame, really, although maybe those handful are the smart ones, and the rest of us haven’t caught up yet? I mean, what other RWD Seventies two-door Ford can you still pick up for a few hundred quid…?

Anyway, here’s a long overdue book on the subject of the 1974-1978 Mustang II and the 1970-1980 Pinto that shared its underpinnings. It looks at the history and progression of the vehicles, the styles and option packages available, and all the details from contemporary road tests and reviews. Naturally, there’s a good quantity of printers’ ink devoted to the racing versions, thanks to the likes of Dyno Don and Gapp & Roush, and various other modified versions.

The book is packed with period and current photographs from various sources, and author, Marc Cranswick, clearly loves his subject. This isn’t a dry history; Cranswick’s writing style is informal and chatty, and put me in mind a little of our own Mr Collins…

It’s a fun, enlightening read, and, let’s face it, can you call yourself a true Mustang fan if you’re going to ignore a five-year chunk of the car’s history? Ford Mustang II & Pinto 1970-1980, by Marc Cranswick, is available in hardback from Veloce ( with a RRP of £19.99.