Street ‘N’ Strip Issue 31

Word Of Pod

After the Christmas break and as we enter the New Year, here at The Pod we have been looking back over 2019’s best bits, tantalising our taste buds for what the 2020 drag racing season will have in store! Here are some of our favourite moments from last year; we’re sure you’ll agree!

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  • Major 2020 dates for your diary
  • Festival Of Power – April 10th-12th
  • The Doorslammers/Big Bang – May 15th-17th
  • The Main Event – May 22nd-25th
  • Dragstalgia – July 10th-12th
  • Bug Jam – July 24th-26th
  • Ultimate Street Car – August 7th-9th
  • Euro Finals – September 10th-13th
  • Flame & Thunder – October 31st
Start ‘Em Young

We’ve just heard from Supercharged Outlaw, Andy Hadfield, about a new scheme to help encourage younger racers to join Junior Dragster – the UK Junior Drag Racing Foundation.

“After one season of racing in the Lucas Oils Junior Dragster Series, I cannot help but notice that some teams really struggle to keep their kids involved because of the financial pressure of running a team. I set the Foundation up on December 7th to act as a support system for the Junior side of our sport/hobby.

“The intention, subject to funding, is to encourage new personalities into the hobby, give assistance to existing teams and one-off financial assistance to cases who are really suffering. Getting new kids into the sport is difficult for parents who are probably already over-stretched with the cost of just raising a child these days. The Foundation wants to provide a financial support to offer parents and enthusiastic kids the chance to compete in the Juniors section, be that bikes or dragsters. We have yet to make a decision as to how that support will manifest itself; this depends so much on our kind beneficiaries, most of whom come from the drag racing world. Support to existing teams will be via fuel and oil donations to the teams directly – small steps initially, but from small acorns…

“I would like to take the opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and companies who have already made generous donations and would actively encourage others to do the same. The people we are supporting now are the future of drag racing and, in some small part, the Foundation will help to concrete the future for our up and coming stars.”

Find out more about the UKJDRF, and how you could be a part of it, by searching UK Junior Drag Racing Foundation on Facebook.

Eileen Cattley

On November 20th, we received the following sad news from Mike Lintern:

“Sadly, we have to report the passing, at the age of 84, of Eileen Cattley – long-time partner of Bob Phelps, co-founder of Santa Pod Raceway. While Bob was the man who, in 1966, almost literally constructed Britain’s first drag strip, Eileen was the great supporting woman who took on the role of Company Administrator, remaining involved with the sport, even after Bob’s death in 1988, to achieve almost 30 years of service to the sport.

“Eileen lived in Shortlands, Bromley, close to the Phelps family’s Fibre Glass Repairs (FGR) workshops, and while Bob and son, Roy, were busy building dragsters and wheelie cars, plus fabricating bits of infrastructure for the track, it was Eileen who took care of the day-to-day running of the business. She maintained a close relationship with competitors, personally ensuring racers got their share of event proceeds at the end of each meeting. Eileen is recognised with the Phelps family in the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame. At the time of her death, although in failing health, she was still living in the same house in Bromley.”

Outlaw Street Round 7

Hot Rod Drags, Santa Pod Raceway, September 13th-15th

Words: Mark Wallington, photography: Mark Wallington, Callum Pudge

The Hot Rod Drags was, as always, a totally brilliant weekend, packed solid with fast racing, friends and a chilled atmosphere that only the HRDs knows how to provide.

Despite everyone pushing their cars to squeeze out that last PB before the end of the season, we didn’t have any mechanical meltdowns, but we did have plenty of PBs including OS-99 Tom Semper in his 100E, OS-56 Doug Harwood in his blown Barracuda, OS-4 Ian Walley in his Cortina and OS-66 Pete Lane in his Barracuda.

In addition, OS-68 Dave Mahoney in his first-gen Camaro became the second member in the 10-year history of Outlaw Street to win ‘The Triple’ – the fastest reaction time, fastest ET and quickest 60ft, all in one round.

The Fastest Reaction Time from each round of the 2019 series wins an engraved tankard and £25 prize money, sponsored by Joe & Co.

Top Five RTs:
1. OS-68 Dave Mahoney, 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – 0.0838 sec
2. OS-69 Gary Semper, 1969 Pontiac Firebird – 0.1457
3, OS-84 Ty Strevett, Ford Ranchero – 0.1523
4. OS-4 Ian Walley, Ford Cortina – 0.2170
5. OS-66 Pete Lane, Plymouth Barracuda – 0.2176

Top 5 ETs from Round 7:
1. OS-68 Dave Mahoney in his ’68 Camaro, 8.9647@150.68mph
2. OS-4 Ian Walley in his Ford Cortina, 9.7229@135.24mph
3. OS-32 Pete Jackson in his ’32 Coupe, 9.9277@132.82mph
4. OS-56 Doug Harwood in his Barracuda, 10.4229@129.92mph
5. OS-84 Ty Strevett in his Ranchero, 12.1342@109.50mph

League Table (as of Round 7)

Remember, the final points are taken from five of the eight rounds in the 2019 series, so the league table will change dramatically.

1. OS-66 Pete Lane – Barracuda – 1,283 points
2. OS-68 Dave Mahoney – Camaro – 1,127
3. OS-69 Gary Semper – Firebird – 1,060
4. OS-27 Joe Baxter – Ford Capri – 903
5. OS-74 Arnie Pamment – Mustang – 878
6. OS-32 Pete Jackson – ’32 Coupe – 877
7. OS-7 Howie Wright – Falcon – 842
8. OS-93 Nina Coombes – Lexus – 833
9. OS-4 Ian Walley – Ford Cortina – 679
10. OS-60 Russ Pursley – Dutton – 666
11. OS-63 Terry Attree – Monte Carlo – 653
12. OS-56 Doug Harwood – Barracuda – 650
13. OS-9 Rob Leyman – C10 – 649
14. OS-26 George Ralph – Triumph – 631
15. OS-87 Jason Clarke – Le Mans – 629
16. OS-39 Louis – C1500 – 626
17. OS-19 Rick Swaine – Mustang – 619
18. OS-54 Luke Hersee – Chevy pick-up – 608
19. OS-28 Simon Paul – Nissan GT-R – 455
20. OS-71 Jamie Neville – Audi TT – 436

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