Letters Issue 7

Dear SM,

Congratulations on the re-launch of SM. I dropped into a local Nisa a couple of weeks ago for some award winning Clarkes of Ware sausages (they are a must) and, as you do, I had a quick run through their huge magazine selection – as big as any WH Smiths, and all in a country village store in Clavering, Herts – and wow, SM #5 jumped out at me. Anyway, terrific content and lots of it; thus, very happy. Oh, please, lots more build projects (per issue!).

Do you have binders available and if so would you please give me the link? Will you be doing a re-run of Issue #1 as I see it’s the only back issue?
Gordon McGeachy, via email

Thanks, Gordon, glad to have you back! We were supposed to be having some binders made, ready for Christmas, but so far, they’ve yet to materialise. Don’t worry, as soon as they’re ready, I’ll be shouting about it in the magazine. As for issue #1, I don’t think we’ll be having it reprinted any time soon, sorry. And as for it being the only back-issue, I fear you may have been misinformed by the Street Machine website! If you go to www.street-machine.co.uk and click on the ‘Shop’ link, you’ll find back-issues, subscriptions and all sorts on there.

You can also find them on eBay, so you can pay with PayPal. I’m afraid the Street Machine website is pretty dismal, and that’s my fault – it’s one of the constraints of there only being 24 hours in any given day, and with all of those being full of putting the mag together, the website is falling ever further behind. I can only apologise. Bear with us, though, it may improve! DS, SM


Peter Nolan has clearly been cleaning all the way to the back of the wardrobe – look what he’s found! Those bottle-openers were a popular cover-mounted giveaway back in the day, and their survival rate was pretty high. Lots of people have told me that they still have theirs. The T-shirts will have a shorter life expectancy, I should imagine. Who still has this T-shirt and, more importantly, who still fits into it?!