Letters Issue 11

Dear SM,

With reference to the “Life, Grease and Hubcaps” freebie booklet mentioned in the March issue, it came stapled to the outside of the October 1990 issue.
Someone also mentioned the bottle opener. This came with the May ’91 issue, and I have had one on my keys since the day it came out in the shop – best useable free gift ever! I do also, of course, still have an unused one on a cosseted mag in the loft! I always have loads of custom magazines on eBay – my name on there is hotrodmags. Cheers as always.
Mark Blows, via email

Magnificent work, Mark! Please turn to page 84 for more about that October 1990 issue. DS, SM

Contributor Steve ‘Autoholic’ Edwards has upped the ante for old SM memorabilia with this T-shirt. “I seem to remember that, on ordering, the car on the shirt could be the colour of your choice. Of course, I picked Candy Apple Red, but it has faded a little over time,” says Steve, tactfully neglecting to mention that “over time” in this case means well in excess of 30 years… Right, who can top that?!

Dear SM,
I’ve just finished poring over issue #9 of your ever-eclectic magazine, and am still feeling that warm glow of ‘now’ and nostalgia that is the mag’s trademark. I really liked the piece with Clive Househam, which took me back to those happy days of the excellent Doncaster Show and endless summer Street Machining, when even the rain was Mirraflake-coloured.

Sorry, I lost myself in a bout of rose-tinted Nostalgitis there. It did set me thinking though (a rare occurrence in itself). As we find ourselves staring down the barrel of some pretty blunt legislation, the uncertain future of at least two of our UK drag strips and who knows what else in 2018, it would be easy to conclude that the glory days are over, and we should all sell up and start collecting shirt buttons for a hobby.

But if we’re not careful, we’ll get so wrapped up reminiscing about the past and fretting about the future, we forget to enjoy the ‘now’. Sure, we need to keep battling against the ill-thought-out laws that are coming thick and fast, but let’s all remember to leave time for some tyre chirping, arm out the window, forget the crap of modern life moments. In 10 years, we might look back and realise that these were the golden days; it’d be a shame to waste them.

If you got ’em, smoke ’em…
Nigel Swift, via email

What you’ve done there, Nige, is to condense the whole spirit of Street Machine down into one beautifully phrased paragraph. Come the revolution, when I overthrow the government and install myself as benevolent dictator, you will be my Minister for Transport. You’d better get your suit dry-cleaned. DS, SM