Sixties Wagons

with Simon Coulson

We’ve had another message from Motorvation fan and Vauxhall enthusiast, Paul Menear (his ideas for a two door VX4/90 appeared a couple of months back), with some thoughts on an FB Victor van conversion. We’ve run with the theme and done a Ford too!

FB Victor

There’s a lot of Russ Hancox’s legendary green estate in this one, but as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke…’ Aside from the welding up of the rear doors and paneling over of the windows the body and trim are pretty much stock, hoping to give the impression that it left the factory as a commercial. Paul suggested the American Racing rims (in this application, I’m not sure there can be any better choice) and a classic two-tone paint scheme. Under the bonnet, I envisage a later Vauxhall lump, converted to RWD and mated to a Manta ‘box. What a lovely load-lugger.

MK2 Cortina

Just to balance things out we’ve done one for the Ford boys, too, although I suspect quite a few of them might consider this approach a little sacrilegious these days. Others though, myself included, fondly remember the days of cheap Sixties base cars, heartbeat graphics, colour-coding and pastel shades, all of which have been applied here. Once again, the doors are welded shut and the windows blanked, but this time the chrome trim has been either removed or painted. Short springs and hefty lowering blocks sort the stance, and some Moon discs have found their way on to some 15” steels. Grey Recaros adorn the interior and a Fiat Twin Cam (with a splat-painted cam cover!) lives in the engine bay. Radical, dude!