SEMA-ish Builds

with Simon Coulson

As I write this, I’m still recovering from what is arguably the greatest petrolhead event on the planet – The SEMA Show. You think Vegas is full-on? Try going in SEMA week, where you’ll find the biggest names in the industry, the best builds and more freebies than you can squeeze into your hand luggage! With some of those incredible cars firmly in mind, I picked a couple of unlikely candidates and set to work.

Triumph Spitfire

Often overlooked, and therefore a bit of a bargain, we’ve taken a bit of the vibe from Chip Foose’s show-stopping E Type and thrown in some Pro Touring influence for good measure. We’ve smoothed the body, chopped the screen, tucked the bumpers, stretched the rear arches and fabricated a new front valance before covering all that work in a custom metallic green. Something that looks this cool needs to be fun too, and with that in mind you’ll find an MX5 has donated a lot of its oily bits to our project. British car, US inspiration and Japanese engineering… that’s quite a recipe!

Hillman Minx Estate

Another Brit gets the SEMA treatment. This time the sheet metal is pretty much stock and the attitude comes entirely from the stance and those big salt flats-style rims. The original chrome trim is still in place and the whole car retains a period-perfect two-tone paint job. Powertrain options depend on what you’d use it for, but I reckon it would make an awesome daily if you swapped in a BMW diesel lump instead of the original Rootes motor. What a cool cruiser.