Readers Machine Issue 5

The old Readers’ Rides pages used to be a popular feature of the mag back in the day. Would you like to see it back? Here’s a starter for 10…

This BMW E36 Touring belongs to Gavin Bhurji, who says, “I thought I’d submit my parts-chaser as a potential contender for Reader’s Machine. I know it’s a bit new, but it’s one of those 20-odd-year-old throwaway cars that can only get rarer, and that the old SM used to love. I bought it as a parts-chaser to help me pick up essential items to build my old Fords; parts that I can’t throw into the proper daily. But it’s snowballed into another semi-project!
“I bought it from a ‘drift kid’, and it was fully stripped inside, with a few other issues to deal with. But, keeping within a very tight budget, I sourced a full tan leather interior, repaired the issues, then came across the Corvette ‘salad shooter’ wheels… after lots of thinking and tyre trials, I got them fitted! As a bonus, they hint at my non-drifting roots…”

Would you like to see your Machine on these pages? It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be shiny, it doesn’t even have to be finished! If you think it fits in Street Machine, we’d love to see it. Send a couple of pics and a few words to and be in the pages of your favourite mag. I might even try to find some prizes for the best ones…

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