News Issue 25

Street Smart

Last issue, I mentioned that the Street Machine Shootout would be taking place at the No Prep Nationals North, at East Leeds Airport, on Saturday, June 29th. The whole event has since been cancelled, unfortunately, but the Nomad Street Racer Shootout is still going ahead, on Saturday, July 27th, at Elvington!

With just a few short weeks to go, this event is hotting up to be something special, with the awakening of some giants of street and strip. It may be the inaugural Nomad venture, but many believe this is the continuation of a heritage to find the King of the Strip for a truly streetable car and a determined driver.

As if that was not enough, Nomad are on target to have a big trophy and a big purse of £1000, and all entries will also get a certificate confirming their entry and fastest time. But there’ll be only one winner who gets the biggest bragging rights.

Final details have yet to be, well, finalised. But NDRC hope to surpass a 16-car field, and subject to the Clerk of the Course’s final decision, the event will still go ahead even if it rains. Obviously, nobody wants that to happen, but these are street cars and there needs to be a winner decided on the day. All cars will be wearing treads anyhow, so it could be the curve ball that makes any outcome possible.

Rule summary is thus:

  • Rapid-fire shootout: you win your race, you go straight back to the fire-up lane to contest the next round, until the winner emerges.
  • Pre-booking is required and details can be found via the Nomad Drag Racing Club’s Facebook page, or search Facebook for Nomad Street Racer Shootout.
  • The Nomads are actively seeking sponsorship and there may be a modest entry fee, all of which will be returned as cash prizes.
  • NDRC have been invited to run the event by Straightliners, who will be scrutineering entrants.
  • To keep within the spirit of the event, cars must be two-wheel drive, modified but genuine street cars with MoT, and in street legal trim.

Follow NDRC on Facebook – search ‘Nomad Drag Racing Club’. And for all those who miss racing at York Raceway, turn to page 84, pronto!

Waste Oil

Nexcel, a subsidiary of Castrol, has developed an engine oil made entirely from waste products, including used fryer oil, batteries, silicone sealant, chewing gum, and even dead Christmas trees… Such ‘re-refined’ oil has already been tested by no less than Aston Martin’s Vantage race cars.


2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Octane Edition

As the 2019 model year winds down, Dodge SRT has added the new blacked-out Octane edition to the Charger Hellcat line-up. It comes in Pitch Black, with a satin black full-length centre stripe accented in Octane red, black badges, satin black spoiler, and low-gloss black 20×9.5″ Scat Pack alloys with knurled bead seats to prevent tyre slip caused by the blown 6.2-litre, 707bhp Hemi’s awesome acceleration. This Octane edition is also available in white, and they’ll be arriving in dealerships in autumn.

The Crow Has Landed

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6th, Roush Performance and Ford Performance unveiled a special one-off Mustang GT. Called The Old Crow, it honours WWII flying ace, Colonel Bud Anderson, and his legendary P-51 Mustang fighter planes. Anderson, now 97, flew 116 missions for the 363rd Fighter Squadron in WWII, including providing aerial support on D-Day, and earned more than 25 decorations. He named each of his Mustangs ‘Old Crow’, and was never hit by enemy fire. This blown Roush Mustang will be auctioned for charity at the end of July.

Testing Times

A recent survey found that 69% of the 2,100 people polled thought that older drivers should have to retake their driving test at the age of 60, while a whopping 49% thought that older drivers should be banned from driving completely. Conversely, 37% favoured raising the driving age to 18, and 11% thought it should be raised to 21. Unsurprisingly, 64% of those over 55 favoured raising the minimum age. Clearly there wasn’t a tick-box for “I think everyone should be banned from the roads except me,” which is what we all think…