News Issue 17

Tee Time

Did you realise that next year marks 40 years since Street Machine originally launched? There’ll be more about that later, but here’s a sneak preview of the all-new, limited edition 40th Anniversary tee.

Golden Bullitt

Talking of anniversaries, October 17th marked 50 years since the movie Bullitt received its US premieres. The Steve McQueen classic, best known for its iconic 10-minute San Francisco car chase sequence, is probably the most oft-quoted by muscle car fans for their love of V8s. Incidentally, it took well over a year for the movie to cross the pond; it wasn’t released here until 1970.

Rouge Century

Yet another anniversary was marked on September 27th – the centenary of Ford’s Rouge complex, the only factory in America to have produced vehicles non-stop for 100 years. From 1918, producing Eagle ships for the US Navy in WWI to making the F-150 today, their next step will be the electric version of the F-150 pick-up.

Backing The Bird

Don Scott’s thunderous 860-horsepower Plymouth Superbird nostalgia stocker – the massively popular tribute to Richard Petty’s #43 NASCAR machine – will be re-entering the fray next year supported by American Autoparts of Redhill in conjunction with Lucas Oil. American Autoparts are now helping with the preparation of this most versatile competition car, under the in-house care of Darryl Setchell. Powered by a mighty 572 cubic inch Keith Black aluminum Hemi (that’s 9,373cc!) the car regularly performs at historic NASCAR demos during the Brands Hatch American Speedfest, becomes a 9.91-second quarter mile car in the Nostalgia Super Stock class at Santa Pod Raceway, and appears at selected car shows around the country. The ‘bird’s best terminal at SPR thus far is 141mph. Don considered retiring the car at the end of this year to race a ’69 Chevelle, “but the winged warrior’s fans won’t let him!” said American Autoparts boss, Mike Lintern. 

Flying Redeye

At the beginning of October, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye began rolling off the Ontario production line. With a blown 6.2 Hemi giving 797bhp and of torque, the Redeye covers 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, the standing quarter in 10.8 seconds, and tops out at over 200mph, making this the quickest, fastest and most powerful muscle car out there. Dear Santa…

Covered Storage

Leading specialist vehicle insurance brokers, Footman James, have created a policy for cars undergoing restoration, in storage or in transit. Above and beyond simple ‘laid-up cover’ policies, this one allows you to increase the value of the vehicle as work proceeds, and covers spare parts and accessories to various values. See

Current Classics

RBW Classic Electric Cars has teamed with Zytec Automotive, who provide tech that goes into Formula E racers, to create classics with bang up-to-date electric motivation. First is the MGB, with 70kw of power for 0-60mph in eight seconds, a limited top speed of 105mph, and a range of 155 miles. It’ll be debuted at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show on November 9th. The next model will be a Jaguar XKSS… see

Drift Along

Vaughn Gittin Jr recently took his 900hp Mustang RTR to the ‘Green Hell’ Nürburgring Nordschleife, and became the first driver to drift the entire 13-mile/20.7km circuit. Not in one go, of course; he had to stop for a fresh set of tyres. Twice.