News Issue 8

The Late, Late Show

You may have noticed that the January issue was pretty late to the newsagents’ shelves. This was because of a rather major unforeseen and unavoidable incident in mid-December that led to the magazine missing its print slot before the printers closed for Christmas. You may also have noticed that this mag is a little later than usual, as a knock-on effect. I can tell you now, that the March issue will be a week late, too, but, by the April issue we’ll be back on track, and the mag will be back to its usual on-sale date of the last Thursday of the month. We can only apologise to all of you, and hopefully you’ll forgive us.

Daggers Drawn

America’s most popular vehicle, the Ford F-150 pick-up, is finally getting a diesel engine… that’s built here in the UK. Ford’s F-series truck range sold almost 900,000 examples in 2017 – that’s 1.7 trucks a minute – but, with oil-burners finally taking off in the US, the blue oval boys were missing a trick. The 250hp, PowerStroke V6 diesel will be an option on this summer’s 2019 models, coupled to a 10-speed auto. And it’ll be built right here in Dagenham.



There are a couple of new events on the 2018 calendar that we’re really excited about (apart from the fact that they fall on the same weekend, dammit), and one of those is the Retro Rides Weekender, at Goodwood, over the weekend of May 19th and 20th. Not only will there be a huge assortment of retro modified classics, club displays and point-to-point sprint track action, there’ll also be a trio of ‘themed paddocks’. One of these will be the Street Machine Past And Present paddock, and the organisers are hoping to gather as many Street Machine feature cars – from 1979 to today – in one place as possible. If you own an ex-SM feature car, and you’d like to take part, contact the organisers through or find ’em on Facebook.

Shooting Star

It’s motor show season in America at the moment, and that means lots of debuts, concepts and so on from the Big Three. Biggest so far from Detroit’s North American International Auto Show has been Ford’s debut of the 2019 Bullitt Mustang. Available only as a manual (with cue ball gearknob) with a 5.0 tweaked up to 475hp, they’ll all be painted Dark Highland Green, naturally. They’ll be released this summer as 2019 models, a release that coincides with the film’s 50th anniversary. As part of the debut, Ford revealed the restored ‘hero’ car from the movie. There were two Mustangs used, one used for stunt work and one for close-ups. The stunt car was supposedly sent to a salvage yard but turned up recently in Baja California; the hero car was sold privately, sat under wraps in New Jersey for 40 years, and has just come out of hiding.

One Ton Truck

Chevrolet celebrated the 100th anniversary of their pick-up producing prowess at a special event just for Chevy pick-ups old and new in Dallas before Christmas, parking a few dozen together to create this cool aerial shot. They also debuted the new 2019 Silverado models.

Start ‘Em Young

Bicester Heritage, home to Banbury and Bicester College’s Historic Vehicle Restoration Apprenticeship scheme, is now also home to StarterMotor, a newly-registered charity that lends classic cars to young people to educate them in the maintenance and use of historic vehicles. They hand over classics from their own fleet for students to work on, drive, and take to shows and events. See for details.