News Issue 4

Strip VIPs

At the recent NSRA Hot Rod Drags, Mark had a couple of visitors at the Serck Motorsports stand – none other than Ken and Chris, owner and global sales rep respectively at FITech. Serck Motorsports are, of course, stockists and distributors of FITech’s impressive range of modern, retrofittable fuelling products from tank to manifold, and the guys were just here to check on the UK scene and answer questions from potential customers. For more on FITech goodies, see

 Cyber Bulli

Lovers of VeeDub buses and campers may like to know that the future is electric. At the end of August, Volkswagen announced that the ID Buzz, based on the forthcoming ID electric four-door platform, would go into production and be in showrooms just after the ID in 2022 as a minibus and cargo van.


Clever TVR

On August 25th, Volkswagen turned out its 150,000,000th vehicle; on September 4th, Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant churned out its 4,000,000th Astra. I just thought that might make an interesting comparison with TVR, the niche Brit sports car manufacturer, recently brought back from the dead, whose all-new Griffiths debuted at the Goodwood Revival on September 8th. With a carbon-fibre chassis, 50:50 weight distribution, and a Cosworth-tweaked Ford Coyote 5.0 V8 it’s a 200mph+ car that can hit 60mph well inside four seconds, it’s a proper British muscle car. Priced from £90,000, production will begin late next year, and most of the initial run of 500 models are already sold…

Wide Boy

Just a quick ‘phwoar’ picture for you – it’s the new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody, featuring flared arches, 20×11 alloy wheels and 305/35ZR20 Pirelli tyres. Finally, the Challenger gets enough tyre to put the blown Hellcat’s 707bhp to the pavement!


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Ford revealed more details about the 2018 Mustang for Europe recently, and aside from some styling tweaks, the 5.0 V8 has been massaged for more power – 443bhp – and a higher redline. There’s a new 10-speed auto, the 2.3 EcoBoost gets the built-in line-lock, and both get a ‘drag strip’ setting on the electronic suspension controls. You can also use ‘Good Neighbour Mode’, and programme the car to limit exhaust noise at certain times of the day; ideal for those early starts…