News Issue 12

It’s A Date

In last issue’s Aussie special, I mentioned that the Vauxhall Heritage Centre’s open day was happening on June 18th. I don’t know where I imagined that date from – that’s a Monday, for heaven’s sake. The correct date is June 10th, from 10am. Sorry about that.

Shelby Back

Just as this mag went to press, there was news from Shelby American about an all-new Series 2 Shelby. Almost 20 years after the Oldsmobile Aurora V8-powered Shelby Series 1 hit the roads, the Series 2 ‘evolution’ is to take up the reins. Only 249 Series 1 cars were produced, and the leftover chassis and parts bought by Wingard Motorsports. Shelby will sell the cars in ‘component form to be finished by Wingard,’ and each can be bodied in aluminium, carbon fibre or even titanium. The cars are designed to be motivated by a Shelby Engine Company aluminium 427 FE or big-inch Windsor, but be quick – each is bespoke made-to-order, and only four will be built per year. You may have better luck with the new ‘continuation’ GT500 Super Snake, based on stripped and rebuilt ’67 Mustangs, powered by 550bhp Shelby-built 427s, with prices starting at a cool $249,995. They’re making 10 of those a year… See

Ford Quit Cars?

Ford in North America recently surprised almost everyone by announcing that they will be phasing out almost all their passenger car line-up. With around 90% of their US sales being pick-ups, SUVs, crossovers and commercials, they’ve said they have already cancelled the Taurus, and will phase out selling the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and C-Max. Only the Mustang will survive, along with a pending Focus Active. It’s likely that Lincoln passenger cars will follow suit. Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

Recent figures gave Ford’s Mustang the title of the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the third straight year. They sold almost 126,000 coupes and convertibles in 146 countries in 2017; they’ve sold 6,000 in the UK since they introduced it in 2016.

The Trump Card

New from contributor Martin Drake, we have these Top Trumps sets featuring some superstars of British drag racing! “I used to collect Top Trumps when I was young, and most dinner times and breaks at school were spent playing Top Trumps, says Drakie. “The other month I found a few sets from when I was a kid, so I did a bit of a dig on the internet and thought ‘Why can’t I make some?’ With what’s happening with our tracks at the moment, what a great memorial to not only the tracks themselves but to the drivers and cars as well. So Top Trumps Drag Racing In The UK was born.

It’s had a huge response; it’s amazing the number of people wanting to get a set to play Top Trumps again! They are £12.99 per pack including postage, and you can contact me by joining Drakies Photography on Facebook, or email me at Great thanks go out to York Raceway and Shakespeare County Raceway where I had the honour of working trackside to be able to take the photographs on the cards – long they may live on in our hearts, and I wish York Raceway the very best for their new track.”

No S**t…

A recent survey by road safety specialist Chapter 8 Shop suggests that six out of 10 motorists loathe delays as a result of roadworks. No kidding. Although that would suggest that the other four quite enjoy them. However, the same survey states that eight out of 10 highway maintenance workers think motorists should STFU and stop complaining. Well, glad we got that sorted out…