Been Using Issue 29

As you’ll read elsewhere this issue, I’ve got a wee spot of welding to do on the old LDV Convoy that takes me to shows and races around the country. Attacking the job at this time of year means that rain is stopping play quite frequently, so I was looking for something I could put onto areas of bare metal to stop them re-rusting in between bouts of body work.

Another product from CarPlan’s range of workshop sprays with comedy names is Rust In Peace rust remover. The tin says that it “Kills rust FAST and prevents further corrosion.” I was worried that if I sprayed rust remover onto this van, I’d be left with six tyres and a windscreen, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I was working in the passenger footwell, and the windscreen/scuttle area lets in rainwater … which is why I have the rust in the first place. During a rare dry spell, I cleaned off the surface rust with a wire twist brush in the grinder, then gave it a good dosing of this stuff. I applied it to areas that were both crusty with rust, and areas that were bare, clean metal. The rusty areas soon began to turn black, while the bare metal just looked as though it had been coated with wax. I’ve scanned the can and the SDS, and there’s no mention of silicone, so I’m guessing that this is some sort of Vaseline-type coat.

I returned to the job almost a week later, a week of almost constant rain. The treated areas that had been directly dripped upon had a bit of that horrible, wet, mustard-coloured rust, but the rest was fine. When I cleaned the RIP residue away, it was ready to be welded onto. I think I’ll be using this product quite a bit over the coming weeks…

CarPlan products are widely available at car accessory and general hardware stores nationwide. See for details.