Been Using Issue 4

This Month I Have Mostly Been Using…

… Sealey’s AK7112 Disc Brake Pad Spreader Tool. Recently I had to do the rear pads on the U1K Lexus. I removed the calliper, praying that it wasn’t going to be one of those daft wind-back pistons, and thankfully it wasn’t, but that still left me wondering how to push the piston back into the calliper. Previously I’ve used everything from G-clamps to Stillsons to crowbars to try to shift sticky brake pistons, always wondering how much damage I’m doing and whether or not I’m overstretching the brake flexi-pipe in the process.

Then I got this simple, scissor-action tool from Sealey. Leaving the old pads in the calliper for the tool to work against, I slipped the tongs in, twisted the thumbscrew, and watched the piston get slowly and squarely pushed back into the calliper. That was it. No drama, no stress, no heaving on the thumbscrew with extension bars and what-have-you; just one finger and one thumb and off we go (as the actress said etc). It was so easy and simple I was honestly convinced that I must have done something wrong somewhere…

Admittedly I started at an advantage because the U1K is in daily use and the brakes work perfectly; had this been a calliper with sticking pistons or a car that had sat around for ages, it may have been a very different story. But, in this circumstance, it made this the easiest pad swap I’ve ever done.

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