This month, some classic British tin is getting the Motorvation treatment from Simon Coulson. We can rebuild them… we have the technology…

Austin 1800

This 1800 ‘Landcrab’ has had a hefty whack with the kustom stick. A two door stretch, chop, slanted pillars and smaller rear glass transform the shape enough to make the car almost unrecognisable. Upright rear lights, in place of the canted originals, create a finned look, accentuated by fender skirts and that extended rear bumper. Getting the old girl nearer to the floor probably involves hydrolastic wizardry that almost no-one understands, but I’m sure the answer’s out there somewhere. Motivation-wise things can stay just as the engineers intended – yes, that does mean it’s FWD! All that’s left is that ‘flaked metallic green paint job and matching window tints.

Austin Cambridge

What you’re looking at here is an entirely fictitious attempt by BMC to sell more Austins in the US by entering the least sporty vehicle possible into NASCAR! ‘Win on Sunday – sell on Monday,’ as the old adage goes. You never know, it might have worked! The interior is stripped bare, bar the essentials, and fitted with a cage. There’s a widened steel wheel at each corner, painted gold and wrapped in Goodyear ‘big letter’ rubber. Paint is an understated Farina Grey with a red roof and some suitable hand-painted lettering. In the engine bay you’ll find a super rare works spec MGA twin-cam giant-killer ready to take on those US V8s at their own game. If parallel universes do exist, I’d like to live in one where A60s ruled the US racetracks, rather than one where they died as bangers on oval tracks in the UK!